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Maybe.  The library does carry some textbooks but does not have them for every class.  Some are donated or put on reserve by the instructor and some are purchased by the library. Most textbooks are on Reserve for 2-hour in-library use only, although occasionally there are some that check out for longer.  Your best bet is to go ahead and check  our catalog to see if we have your book.  

Catalog Search Tips

  • Author/Title Search - if your book has a really unique title or author you may be able to get away with just searching one or the other, but if the author's name is something like Smith or Kennedy and the title is also comprised of really common words, like Literature or Introduction to Psychology, then you are better off searching them as a combo. Example search: Kennedy and Literature
  • ISBN - You can also search by ISBN number, but be aware that if we have the book in a different format than the bookstore (for example, paperback vs hardcover) the ISBN will probably not match.  Also, be aware that many of the books in the bookstore are bundled with an online access code (which the library does not purchase) and that will also cause the ISBN to be different.  If you search by ISBN and do not find the book, we would recommend that you try an author/title search just to be sure.  Search tip: Enter the ISBN without spaces or dashes, like this, 9781457601842
  • If you are pretty certain that you think the library has the book but you are not finding it, you can always contact a librarian for help searching. 

How can I get a list of the textbooks that I will need for my classes?

You can look them up at the Bookstore website.  You will need to have the course number, including the section number, in order to get a list of required books for the course.  Example: PSYC 1000-101

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