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Our KIC Scanner (located just inside our front entrance in LIB 410) can scan and automatically send a fax via email.

 It has two different scanners to choose from, both controlled through the same touchscreen computer.
Screenshot of the KIC Scanner Touchscreen Interface

ADF Scanner - for loose pages

On the touchscreen, select "ADF Scanner."

The default setting is Duplex (double-sided); if you only have printing on one side of your page, use the "Change Settings" button on the touchscreen to select Simplex.

Touch the button that says "Done Changing Settings" and you are ready to scan!

After all items are scanned, you can select "Send...via email"

Enter the fax number that you are sending the document to in the format of an email address, as follows:

Long Distance Example:
9 + 1 + number with area code +

 An address for a fax to 800-555-1234 would look like this:

Local Example:
9 + number with area code +

An address for a fax to the Cheyenne number 778-1379 would look like this:

Hit send.  It will come through the receiver's fax line like any other fax.  You will not get a fax confirmation so it is recommended that you follow-up with the intended recipient to confirm transmission.

Image of the KIC sheet-feeder document scanner

Click Scanner - for books

Select "Click Scanner" on the touchscreen

Touch "Scan" on the screen, read and accept the copright statement and the scanning begins!

After all items are scanned, you can select " email"

To enter fax number and send, follow the same instructions as above for the ADF Scanner.


Image of the KIC flatbed book scanner


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